The First World War – A Miscellany

Book cover of The First World War - A Miscellany

The First World War – A Miscellany

Like most people I knew something of the war: the Somme, Passchendaele, the Red Baron, Lusitania, Zeppelins and so on. On reading up I realised – like most things – that my knowledge ran out quite quickly.

In order to keep some semblance of narrative cohesiveness I concentrated mostly on the war in France and Belgium: the Western Front. (This was where the war won and lost and where the majority of the troops were sent). I had to make sure I covered the other areas such as the war at sea, the fighting in Italy, Russia and other areas. Gallipoli demanded attention, being so critical in the forming of the nations of Australia and New Zealand and also highlighting the dangers of amphibious landings against determined defenders.

The layout of the book was not easy as a miscellany suggests a more random nature than a chronological history but in order to allow the reader to keep track, a structure based on timelines, and with a focus on major events was devised. I couldn’t claim all the credit for this, as most of it lies with Debbie Chapman at Summersdale who guided the words into a coherent (I hope) story of the war.

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