The Battle of Britain – A Miscellany

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The Battle of Britain – A Miscellany

The story of the Battle of Britain has been told in many formats but not in a miscellany and I thought I could do it justice by picking out the key figures and facts and stories. Like most other events, once you start digging you begin to unearth more and more material that has to go somewhere. (A lot ends up in the Discards file, often material that has been in the draft since the beginning).

Amongst the histories are many memoirs by pilots, such as Geoffrey Wellum, Al Deere, Brian Lane, Richard Hillary, David M Crook. These accounts, some of which were written soon afterwards, retain a vivid quality and excitement.

What adds poignancy is knowing that some of these young writers didn’t survive the war. Their stories were invaluable in depicting the atmosphere of the time.

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