Sports Scandals


  • Lance Armstrong
  • Tiger Woods
  • Maria Sharapova
  • Joey Barton

All famous sports personalities, all united by talent and all united by having scandal attached. All appear in Sports Scandals – True Stories of Cheating, Corruption and Greed by Summersdale to be published later in 2016.

Everyone knows of the ‘big’ scandals: the Armstrong doping, the Woods sex life, the Black Sox / White Sox match-fixing of 1919 but researching this book brought up many many others. Some were smaller scale but utterly fascinating.

It made me watch sport with a different eye – was that penalty given on purely sporting grounds or with an eye to a betting syndicate somewhere offering money for such an event occurring at that time?

Many of sports’ biggest organisations: the IOC, FIFA, IAAF have sports scandals ongoing and their reputations are already damaged, perhaps fatally.

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