From Airbus to Zeppelin

From Airbus to Zeppelin

The A-Z format is perfect for such a wide-ranging subject as aviation and From Airbus to Zeppelin provided a great opportunity for a miscellany.

To given an idea of what is in the book here is one entry for each letter:

A -Airbus A-380

B – B-52 Bailout

C – Century Series US fighter jets

D – Death Dip (Lincoln Beachey)

E – Eric ‘Winkle’ Brown

F – Faster than the sun (Fairey Delta 2)

G – Gulf War aircraft

H – Happy Bottom Riding Club

I – Imperial Airways

J – Jastas and Jagdgeschwaderen

K – KAL 007

L – Lindbergh

M – Mighty Machines (B-36, M-50 Bounder, Bristol Brabazon et al)

N – Nicknames (The Spinning Incinerator and others)

O – Objects Confiscated at Airports

P – Precision Raids of the RAF in World War Two

Q – QRA (Quick Reaction Alert)

R – Rhodes-Moorhouse, William

S – Spitfire Quotes

T – Tornado F.3 Display

U – UK Air Disasters

V – Victor to the Sky

W – Women Aviators

X – X-15

Y – Yuri Gagarin

Z – Zeppelin

There should be something for everyone, be they the committed aviation enthusiast or the casual observer of aircraft in the sky.


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