Comedy Writing CV

I’ve written for a several radio and TV shows over the years, whether it was one sketch for Channel 4’s Smack the Pony, or one of the main writers for Sabotage or Lewis Macleod‘s The Lewis Lectures.

Comedy Writing CV


Channel 4

Smack the Pony, series 3 (Talkback)
– sketch material (Panda dating)

BBC Scotland

The Karen Dunbar Show (The Comedy Unit)
– sketch material

Only an Excuse (The Comedy Unit)
– sketch material


Radio 4

The Way It Is (BBC)
Topical humour show.
– sketch material

Radio 2

Parsons and Naylor Pull-Out Sections (Radio 2)
Topical comedy show starring Henry Naylor and Andy Parsons.
– sketches

Radio Five Live

Keep Taking the Nandrolone (The Comedy Unit)
Sport comedy show.
– sketches

Freddie Flintoff Ate My Ashes (The Comedy Unit)
Comedy recording for inclusion with The Five Live Sports Yearbook 2005.
– Sketch material

Freddie Flintoff Ate My Ashes (The Comedy Unit)
Comedy sports review of the year, Christmas Day 2005.
– Sketches and jokes

Radio Scotland

Sabotage (Demus Productions)
Sketch show. 12 x episodes. One of the main writers.
– sketches

The Lewis Lectures (Demus Productions)
Scottish history show. Pilot episode and series. Co-writer with BBC News presenter Jackie Bird.
– sketches

Off the Ball (Radio Scotland)
Scottish football show presented by Stuart Cosgrove and Tam Cowan.
– sketches, idents

Watson’s Wind Up (The Comedy Unit)
Scottish topical humour show.
– sketches, jokes, monologues

The Why Front (BBC Scotland)
Sketch show.
– sketches

Topical jokes presented by comedian Jimmy Carr.
– topical material

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