Norman Ferguson
Norman Ferguson

I received an A in my O-grade English, but missed the class on the semi-colon so am never sure if I’ve got its usage right; it doesn’t bother me as I tried to avoid them as much as possible.

I had found I could write funny when managing to make renowned Radiohead singer Thom Yorke laugh. He was a guest on the Mark and Lard Radio 1 show and they invited questions, so I asked if when he had some spare time which he preferred to do: play darts or walk around in a greatcoat worrying about the potential future crises facing humanity. He chuckled. I was hooked.

I started writing comedy for the long-running BBC Radio Scotland football show Off the Ball. You never forget your first sketch on the radio and my one about an ex-Aberdeen chief executive who had been arrested for kerb-crawling ordering the team coach to go through the red light district wasn’t going to trouble Saturday Night Live but it was a foot in the door.

After years of writing comedy I began to run out of ideas and so wrote for Radio 4. I’m kidding. I had always wanted to have a book published and decided to pursue the printed page rather than the spoken word.

I live in Edinburgh and have lived in all the larger cities of Scotland apart from Aberdeen. And Stirling. And Inverness. There’s still time…

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