Instagram can

Social media can be a great way of wasting time – sorry, sharing valuable moments with others around the world. And taking photographs of your dinner.

InstagramNot wishing to be left out I have an Instagram account wittingly labelled


where I try to remember to post pictures of things that might look nice, or be of interest.

One of the pictures taken recently was an avenue of a bright yellow plant which might possibly be Laburnum. It is in a walled garden in the East Lothian town of Haddington, famous for being the birthplace of 16th century Scottish protestant John Knox.

It’s not known if the garden was built during his time, or if he ever walked through it.

I doubt he would have enjoyed anything so frivolous as a nice hanging plant though.

Hanging yellow plant that might be Laburnum



Myths and Legends – Drummer-turned-writer Andy Bollen on Ringo Starr

Writer Andy Bollen has written for many, many outlets over the years since his days as drummer in Captain America. (Their song Flame On is on YouTube)

You can read of his experiences on a memorable tour supporting Kurt Cobain’s Nirvana in Andy’s book Nirvana – A Tour Diary.

Nirvana A Tour Diary by Andy Bollen
Nirvana A Tour Diary

Andy’s sharp and funny writing has appeared in newspapers, TV and radio – as well as in a 5-star book about his time on the road with Nirvana. (What do you mean you haven’t ordered it yet?)

In Andy’s blog his recent post was on a subject close to my own heart: The Beatles. In particular, as it was Ringo Starr’s 75th birthday this week, Andy wrote an insightful piece on why Ringo was not the poor drummer maligned by fellow band member John Lennon (the famous quote about Ringo’s abilities is a myth) but instead, on why Ringo is a great drummer.

I’m a big fan of contrariness and looking to reverse what are held to be established ‘facts’ and Andy’s writing on this is a joy.